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Competitive Level (U11-U12)

    Heat Competitive Program is to retain top players and scout potential new players through tryout process to build the best competitive teams to compete at the state, regional and national level. 

    Age Specific Technical Guide:

    1. Ball Manipulation:  Cuts, Drag, roll, lift, toe-taps, and foundation.
    2. Dribbling: Inside/outside of foot, roll with sole, Single Scissor, the Double Scissors, Hook Move, the Step Over , Cruyff , Speed and Direction Change , Chop (Ronaldo) Move,
    3. Passing: Short and long passes, Medium Inside Pass, Front Laces Passes, Chip/Clipped, Driven, Diagonal
    4. Receiving: Inside of Foot, Outside of Foot, Laces, Sole
    5. Aerial: Inside of foot, outside of foot, laces, receiving on thigh, receiving on chest.
    6. Running with the ball: Burst through Spaces, Long Distance
    7. Finishing: Finishing on 1 v 1 by using moves and cuts above and by passed finished, one touch finishes, Power Finish, Volley Finish, Half Volley, Headed Finish, Driven, From a through Ball, Under Pressure, Central Creas, From Wide, From Distance, From Crosses
    8. Heading: For fun, that will also help to lose their fear, direction change header, controlled header, Heading for Goal, Heading from Crosses, Headed passes, Headed Clearances
    9. Turning: Inside Hook, Outside Hook, Sole hook, Drag Back, Stop and Turn, Cruyff, , Step Over
    10. Defending: 1 v 1, body shape and position, footwork, tackling, intercepting, pressure and cover, Blocking, Pressing, When Outnumbered, From Central Attacks, From Crosses, Force Play in one Direction, Defend from Front, Marking Players, Tracking Runners, Back 4 Unit.